About us

Medic Services is an onsite medical response and training service that provides superior care and professionalism. We provide a wide array of training and onsite medical and rescue response.

Medic Services is certified under NFPA for Confined Space and High Angle Rescue. We have 15 years of experience in confined space. We will also take care of all paperwork; permits, analysis and lock out procedures if needed. Our teams conduct air testing and monitoring to ensure safety of the entrants. We supply attendants as well as rescue teams. Our attendants are also trained in fire watch so they can be utilized for this at the same time instead of paying for another person.

What sets Medic Services apart from other rescue services?
We carry fully stocked trauma and oxygen kits including AED as well as all rescue equipment needed. For most jobs we also supply one of our fully stocked ambulance type vehicles.

We are able to treat everything from small injuries to life threatening injuries. We save time and money for our clients. Our staff is very versatile as we can perform High Angle Rescue one moment to Confined Space Attending and Rescue to medical treatment the next.

The safety for our clients is nothing short of stellar that is why we have been in some of the largest most safety conscious companies in the world

  • Our hours of operation are twenty-four/seven
  • Our rates are very reasonable
  • Our teams are willing to travel across Canada and the United States